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steel billet induction heating equipment

Steel billet heating machine is a mechanical device used for the heat treatment and processing of metal and steel, which generates heat directly from the inside of the metal and steel in a non-contact manner through an induction coil. Widely used in various industries, this equipment has a unique structure, complete configuration, efficient and energy-saving, uniform heating temperature can be adjusted, and has characteristics such as high heating efficiency and selective heat treatment. This article provides a detailed introduction to the performance characteristics of induction heating equipment for steel billets.

Performance characteristics of steel Billet induction heating furnace:

1. Flexible and diverse heating methods: Induction heating equipment can perform overall or local heat treatment on metal and steel. Local heat treatment has low energy consumption, small deformation, and higher processing quality. Users can customize according to their actual production needs.

2. Customized furnace body, widely processed: The metal heat treatment furnace body is customized according to the material, shape, size, and other requirements of the user’s workpiece. It is equipped with various specifications of furnace bodies and adopts a quick change structural design to meet the high production requirements of the user.

3. Accurate temperature control with guaranteed quality: Equipped with a high-precision closed-loop temperature control system, the far-infrared thermometer monitors the processing temperature of metal workpieces in real-time, and the system automatically adjusts the power supply to ensure that the heating temperature of metal steel meets the process requirements, ensuring guaranteed processing quality.

4. CNC operation, simple production: The entire induction heating equipment is equipped with PLC and touch screen centralized operation, achieving one click production, reducing manual operations, and reducing labor costs for enterprises.

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