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Steel billet induction heating furnace system – FOREVER

Steel billet induction heating furnace system

steel billet induction heating furnace provided by Forever is designed to induction heating your work piece evenly and efficiently. If you want to buy steel billet induction heating system or you need solutions for your steel billet heating, welcome to contact us. Forever has make more than 1000 sets of steel billet induction heating system with successful cases.


Steel billet induction heating system advantages:

1. Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, instant starting and stopping

(1) heating rapidly, continuous production after switch on.
(2) open parking convenience, shorten auxiliary work and downtime.

2. MF induction heating power supply
(1)as per the technical index, increased within 1 minute from 800 ℃ to 1100 ℃, the heating power required to take the whole of 5700 kw.
(2)the power consumption theoretical calculation of tons of billet is 38 degrees (such as heating, 200 degrees Celsius, tons of billet power consumption is 25 degrees)

3. To save power energy, reduce energy consumption significantly.

4. Save metal materials

5. Heating quality
Due to the precise induction heating temperature control of work piece, small fluctuaions of core temperature and batch work piece temperature stability, it can mare sure the quality of mass production.

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Post time: 10-19-2022