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steel billet induction reheating furnace

Many people wonder why the billet is not hot rolled after casting, but reheated again in the billet reheating furnace after cooling. This is because the cast workpiece is very uneven from the perspective of structure, which is a kind of defect. Reheating actually plays the role of heat treatment annealing. It is removed by normalizing or annealing, and provides conditions for subsequent processes, as well as stress relief.


Therefore, although it seems to be very economical to roll the surface while it is hot, considering the influence of casting defects and internal stress on processing and forming, this kind of saving may cause more “trouble”. Therefore, the reheating furnace for high-quality billet plays a very important role.

Customized Scheme of FOREVER Electric Steel Billet Reheating Furnace

Because of the different specifications and materials of different billets, the configuration of billet reheating furnace is not static. It is a non-standard customized product. It can meet the production needs of users only by matching customized and reasonable heat treatment solutions according to their actual production process needs.

FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a solution to reasonably match the billet induction reheating machine for users according to the size, material, capacity requirements, use site and other needs of users’ workpieces. The basic configuration of the equipment includes IGBT induction heating power supply, PLC intelligent control system, feeding and discharging racks, induction heating furnace, etc., as well as far infrared thermometer, capacitor, power transformer, low-voltage distribution cabinet, closed cooling tower and other optional configurations for users to choose.

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