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Steel heat treatment equipment

High quality steel heat treatment equipment intelligent selection YUANTUO Electromechanical, induction hardening tempering furnace using new technology, energy-saving IGBT induction heating power control, high cost performance, low power consumption, high production efficiency, according to your process requirements and investment intention, tailor-made suitable steel heat treatment equipment, steel bar quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace, steel pipe induction heat treatment equipment, Billet induction heating furnace, aluminum rod Induction heating machine, etc. Welcome to inquire!

Steel heat treatment equipment composition:

1. Quenching + tempering IGBT dual frequency induction heating power supply:

2. induction quenching and tempering equipment body

3. Storage rack

4. Conveying system

5. Quenching water tank (including stainless steel spray ring, flowmeter and variable frequency idler)

6. Tempering furnace cabinet (including stainless steel pipe, double frequency capacitor cabinet, variable frequency drive)

7. Receiving rack

8. Man machine interface PLC main console

9. Automatic temperature control device for infrared temperature measurement

The advantages of steel heat treatment equipment are as follows:

1. It adopts new IGBT air-cooled induction heating power supply control, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and high production efficiency.

2. The steel bar quenching and tempering furnace designed by YUANTUO adopts V-shaped roll with inclined arrangement in transmission design to reduce the runout of minor diameter.

3. The quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment has the advantages of high heating speed, less surface oxidation, quenching and tempering in the process of rotary heating, and the steel after quenching and tempering has good straightness and no bending.

4. After heat treatment, the workpiece has extremely high hardness uniformity, microstructure uniformity, high toughness and impact strength.

5. PLC touch screen control system of steel heat treatment furnace can record and save all process parameters of induction hardening and tempering of workpiece, which is convenient for you to view historical records in the future.




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