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Steel pipe annealing furnace

steel pipe annealing furnace features:

Product name: steel pipe annealing furnace

Workpiece materials: 42CrMo, 40CrNIMO, GCr15, 65 Mn, 50Mn, 50Cr, 3Cr2W8V, 20CrMnTi, 5CrMnMo, etc.

Workpiece diameter range: 10mm~406mm in diameter

Workpiece length range: greater than 2m

Intelligent intermediate frequency power supply series: KGPS160KW-8000kW

Power consumption: calculated based on the customer’s workpiece material and diameter, heating temperature, operating speed, etc.

FOREVER Electromechanical has rich technical experience in the field of induction heat treatment, focusing on providing customers with excellent steel pipe annealing furnace solutions and services, mainly used in steel pipe annealing, steel pipe quenching, steel pipe heating, steel pipe induction heating furnacesteel pipe quenching and tempering production line and other fields. Welcome to consult induction heating equipment!

Performance characteristics of steel pipe annealing furnace:

1. The control system adopts PLC control, featuring fast dynamic response, high temperature control accuracy, and strong programming functions. It adopts Siemens modularization, providing an integrated construction method for several to tens of megabytes of devices.

2. The monitoring system provides a man-machine interface, real-time display of the system’s working status, and adjustable parameters.

3. The cooling method adopts advanced and reliable heat pipe self cooling method, with high cooling efficiency and reliable operation, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

4. The steel pipe annealing furnace equipment adopts a closed loop temperature control system, which is composed of an American Raytheon infrared thermometer and a German Siemens S7. Accurate temperature control, simple operation.

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Welcome to call to inquire about the steel billet reheating furnace.

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