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Steel pipe heat treatment furnace

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is preferred for the purchase of steel pipe heat treatment furnace . The company is specialized in the research and development, application and sales of steel pipe heat treatment furnace. It processes special steel pipe heat treatment furnace according to the customer’s manufacturing requirements. The technical engineer provides the quotation scheme of induction heating equipment.

Equipment name: steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace

Equipment brand: FOREVER Electromechanical

Workpiece material: carbon steel alloy steel

Workpiece range: diameter above 20mm

Non-standard customization: Yes

Closed loop temperature control: the temperature is controlled by the American Raytheon thermometer

Power range: 160KW-80000KW (induction heating power supply with different power is designed according to different workpieces of users)

Features of steel pipe heat treatment production line furnace:

● Induction heating equipment adopts electromagnetic induction for heating, resonant medium-frequency air-cooled or water-cooled induction heating power supply control, full-touch screen operation, pure digital setting, complete process records and strict level management authority.

● Adopt PLC intelligent control program combined with human-machine interface, which has lower operation cost.

● The induction heating furnace lining is made of refractory materials with high efficiency and thermal insulation, which is significant in energy conservation and environmental protection.

● Fast heating speed, quick response to process requirements, low power consumption and simple operation.

● At the furnace mouth of the induction heating equipment, the temperature of the steel pipe is controlled and displayed in real time by the American Raytheon thermometer. The heating is more uniform and the qualified rate of the finished product is higher.

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