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Steel pipe heat treatment induction furnace

The steel pipe heat treatment furnace adopts energy-saving IGBT induction heating power control, which is more than 35% energy-saving compared to ordinary power sources. It has high production efficiency and strong adaptability. The quality of the Forever steel pipe heat treatment quenching furnace is excellent, efficient and energy-saving, and after-sales service is complete. Multiple induction heating equipment are available for selection. Customize a suitable steel pipe heat treatment quenching furnace according to your process requirements.

The steel Pipe induction quenching tempering line adopts an intelligent PLC control program, which can control the operation of the entire mechanical part of the steel pipe heat treatment quenching furnace, with a human-machine interface and fully digital and highly user-friendly operation.

Forever Electromechanical has professional engineers in the production of induction furnaces for Steel pipe hardening equipment, with years of practical experience in various details such as design, process, and manufacturing management.

The medium frequency power supply of the steel pipe heat treatment induction furnace has a Far Extension SCR intelligent series resonance design, with fully open rectification, high power factor, small harmonic component, fast heating speed, and no overburning or cracking after treatment by the steel pipe manager. It has strong toughness, and can meet the customer’s requirements in terms of tensile strength and straightness.

If you have any needs for steel pipe heat treatment induction furnaces, please follow me. Our professional engineering team provides you with free quotes and solutions to help you solve your problems.

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