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Steel pipe induction heating equipment

steel tube heat treatment furnace , induction heating equipment is commonly used for processing. Seamless pipe heating equipment has many advantages, such as high heating efficiency, reliable machining quality, simple structure, convenient maintenance and so on, which is widely used in heat treatment processing. How much is the surface quenching equipment of seamless pipe? Which manufacturer is better to choose?

Performance advantages of Induction heating machine

1. The induction heating equipment of seamless pipe adopts closed loop temperature control system to heat treat metal steel pipe. Infrared ray monitors the heating temperature of metal steel pipe in real time, so that the heating temperature of steel pipe is always within the target temperature range.

2. The fuselage of seamless pipe heat treatment quenching equipment is welded with high quality steel plate with less maintenance cost, and after heat treatment processing, its strength, hardness, wear resistance and service life are improved. Siemens, Schneider and other international brands are used for electrical components. The damage to parts and components in the actual production process is relatively small, and the daily maintenance cost is very low and durable.

In the factory area, the purchase channel is one of the main factors that affect the price of seamless pipe heating equipment. Because there are many manufacturers who produce counterattack broken equipment on the market, there are also many sales methods. In this way, the price of seamless pipe surface quenching equipment can be different by tens of thousands. Here the editor suggests that you go to the factory area for direct sales, first, manufacturers direct sales, no intermediate links, the price will be more fair; second, direct contact with manufacturers, pre-sale after-sales service guidance will have a certain guarantee.

The market trend, the regional limited production supply and demand relationship is also the main reason for affecting seamless tube induction heating equipment. For example, last year, the demand for seamless pipe heat treatment and quenching equipment was relatively large, and the price was a little higher, and this fluctuation also exists. In addition, the region, as far as possible to Hebei and other areas with low price levels to buy equipment, the overall price will be much lower. For the selection and purchase of seamless pipe quenching equipment, you can consider Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical, our manufacturer is located in Wuqiao, Cangzhou, Hebei Province, geographical location, you can visit the factory at any time to inspect, specific quotation situation you can call directly to consult, we will help you choose and match models according to your needs, give quotation.



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