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Steel pipe quenching and tempering machine

steel pipe quenching and tempering furnace  is also widely used in industry, but for the different application technology content of each industry, the application and manufacturing technology of quenching process is also extensive. The following is to share the process of water spray quenching on the outer surface of seamless steel pipe of Yuanyuan electromechanical induction heating equipment.

Because the cooling effect of the bottom of the steel pipe is not bad when the induction heating equipment is quenched, the bottom should be cooled before the upper part. The implementation method is to adjust the angle of the upper and lower nozzles to ensure the consistent quenching and cooling of the upper and lower parts of the steel pipe. When the steel pipe enters the quenching device, the temperature of the head, middle and tail of the pipe is different, and the cooling time is different. The method of remote extension mechatronics is to adjust the moving speed of steel pipe after quenching device, which is uniform cooling and uniform quenching of steel pipe on the whole length. The performance of induction heating equipment in the production of remote mechanical and electrical production is stable!

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