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Steel plate heating furnace

Induction heating machine is not only a common heating equipment for steel plate heat treatment, but also a very efficient steel plate heating furnace. The steel plate heating equipment adopts intermediate frequency current to heat the steel plate directly, which effectively avoids the loss of heat in air transfer and achieves the purpose of high efficiency heat treatment heating. Steel plate heating furnace can form a continuous production line with other machinery and equipment, so that the degree of automation is higher and the production efficiency is improved. At the same time, because the heating equipment of Yuantuo electromechanical steel plate belongs to the non-standard custom product, it is necessary to provide some workpiece parameters so that the manufacturer of Yuantuo electromechanical induction heating equipment can better customize the production for the user.

Product advantages of the remote-to-large electromechanical steel plate heating furnace!

1. The plate quenching heating furnace has large production power, can realize full-power production and heating, and has high energy utilization efficiency;

2. The conveying system of the steel plate heating furnace is driven by a frequency converter, the running speed of the equipment can realize stepless regulation, and the response speed is high;

3. a high-precision temperature control system is arranged in the steel plate heating equipment, and the heating temperature of the steel plate can be monitored in real time and automatically adjusted to a set temperature range;

4. The whole set of equipment shall be designed, moved, installed, debugged and maintained by the integrated machine.

5. The size of the furnace body of the steel plate heating furnace is customized according to the size and the size of the user, and only the furnace body needs to be replaced when the workpieces of different sizes are heated, the whole hoisting and the replacement are adopted, and the time is saved.



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