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Steel plate induction heating machine

Many customers in the purchase of steel plate induction heating furnace , will have their own buying habits, in general, first according to their own production needs for purchase, and then look at the performance of the corresponding model, and finally negotiate the price with sellers, recently, there are many customers for intermediate frequency heating equipment consulting more, in order to help everyone better purchase, next, we will make a specific analysis of its performance, selection and purchase methods.

What is the performance of the Induction plate heating furnace ? for the performance of the medium-frequency heating equipment, we need to take comprehensive consideration, such as the production capacity of the equipment itself, the operation cost, the use convenience, the environmental protection performance, etc., all of which are all we need to pay attention to, in particular from the following aspects.

1, the production of the flexible and diversified induction heating equipment is flexible and diversified, the metal work piece can be integrally heat-treated, the metal steel bar can be locally heated, the user can select the metal steel bar according to the actual situation,

2, the cost is reduced by adopting the IGBT air-cooled power supply production, Compared with the other common power supply, the energy is saved by about 30%, a large amount of electric charge can be saved for a year, the production cost of the enterprise is reduced, and the maintenance is convenient for the bar quenching equipment to adopt the electromechanical integration structure design, the overall performance is good, the structure is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and the machine is convenient and fast.

3,The environment-friendly production has no pollution, the electric heating is adopted, waste gas waste smoke and noise and the like are not generated in the production process, the furnace body adopts a sealed design, dust is not generated in the processing process, and the environment-friendly processing is realized.


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