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Steel sheet induction heating equipment

The medium frequency steel sheet induction heat treatment equipment , as the name suggests, is a device for heating steel plates. It can also heat metal plates such as cutting edge plates and engineering edge plates. Heating plates using the principle of electromagnetic induction belongs to non-contact induction heating equipment. It has the advantages of uniform heating temperature, high production efficiency, and less oxidation and decarbonization.

Characteristics of steel plate induction heating furnace

1. Fast heating speed, uniform heating temperature, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, improving the working environment of operators, reducing labor intensity, and improving heating efficiency.

2. Power frequency automatic tracking, power stepless adjustment, easy to use, safe and reliable operation.

3. The steel plate heating furnace has high reliability, simple and convenient maintenance, and complete self-protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, phase loss, and water shortage.

4. The steel plate heating furnace adopts large-scale integrated circuit digital automatic control.

5. The equipment adopts advanced electromagnetic induction technology, with controllable silicon as the main component, and the control circuit is characterized by automatic frequency tracking and multi loop control.

6. Integrated and modular Slab induction heating equipment . High efficiency, stable performance, safety and reliability, saving costs and increasing profits for steel plate heating customers.

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