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Steel tube annealing furnace depth is good, teach you how to buy equipment!

With the general improvement of induction heating technology in China, the heat treatment process of steel pipe has been improved and improved at a higher level. It is very cost-effective, and it is still an industrial project with investment scenario.Annealing furnace for steel tube that is, induction heating equipment. This is a kind of equipment which uses the electromagnetic induction principle to heat-treat the steel pipe. It is heated in the form of non-contact by converting electric energy into heat energy. The heat is generated directly from the inner part of the steel pipe with little heat loss and high heating efficiency. So what are the types of steel pipe annealing equipment? How much is the price?

induction heating furnace

How much is the pipe annealing furnace? Different models of equipment selection, price positioning is not the same, remember to choose the criteria: right, not expensive.

The choice must be suitable for their own steel tube annealing furnace model, to ensure a more reasonable price. In addition, the purchase of equipment, want to be more cost-effective, recommended to direct-selling large manufacturers to buy, such as Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical; Can also compare the choice, consult several manufacturers’ equipment quotation, fully compare its quality, price, service, etc., choose the best. Professional thick-walled steel pipe annealing heat treatment equipment suppliers, to provide users with a full range of equipment models, ensure excellent quality, affordable, service in place, welcome interested friends can call at any time to consult and understand.


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