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Steel tube quenching furnace which professional?

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China’s most professional induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, tempering heat treatment line manufacturers approved the remote extension of electromechanical, induction heating furnace in the heating forging, rolling applications:

1, leaf spring, copper plate, steel plate such as bend pipe heating, bending molding.

2. Heat transfer molding of standard parts and fasteners. Hardware tools heat permeable, such as pliers, wrenches, steel bars, aluminum bars and other heat permeable molding.

3, prospecting drill rod cone handle, drill steel, brazing tool hot extrusion.

4, the automobile rear axle hot loading, the motor rotor, the bearing and so on workpiece heating treatment.

5. Heating treatment of elastic bar fasteners, tacks, etc. for public works equipment.

6. Hot rolling of steel bar, steel pipe and rebar after heating.

7, steel pipe, steel bar, billet and other workpiece heating treatment.

The steel tube heat treatment furnace adopts frequency conversion drive mode to feed, the workpiece conveys at a uniform speed, and a position induction device is set up on the transmission line to ensure a reasonable feeding sequence. When the end of the steel pipe enters the induction ring, the induction positioning device transmits the signal to the PLC and transmits it to the intermediate frequency power supply to make it rise rapidly to a reasonable state, and reasonably controls the transmission speed. The roller pressing device is used to control the flick of the material to avoid damage to the sensor. Infrared temperature measuring device is set up at the discharge end of steel pipe heating furnace to detect the temperature of steel pipe in real time to ensure the uniformity of steel pipe in the heating process.

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