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Step by step induction heating equipment

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The electric step heating furnace of the remote development machine will have the following advantages:

(1) the heating is uniform. When the furnace length reaches a certain degree, the number of billets in the furnace is variable. In the continuous heating furnace, it is immutable, so the heating time will be limited. For example, when the output of the furnace is reduced to half, the heating time of the billet in the furnace will be doubled, which is disadvantageous to some steel grades, and the stepping furnace can change or keep the heating time unchanged by changing the distance between the blanks under the condition of the change of the output of the furnace hour.

(2) the heating quality is good. Because in the step forging heating furnace, a certain gap space can be retained between the billets, which expands the heating surface of the billet, and the heating temperature is more uniform and the heating is uniform.

(3) there is no restriction on the length of the furnace. For the continuous heating furnace, the length of the furnace is limited by the length of the push steel, while the step induction heating furnace is not limited. And for the slender billet, round rod, bending billet and so on, which are not conducive to pushing steel, etc., can be heated in the step induction heating furnace.


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