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Structure of medium Frequency quenching Heat treatment equipment

The structure of the quench heat treatment equipment for intermediate frequency quench in remote electromechanical system.Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment consists of bed, V-shaped bracket, movable rod, slide table with belt, inductor set of quenching transformer, capacitor and quenching slot, etc. The mechanical movement is controlled by hydraulic pressure, the V-shaped bracket holds the workpiece up and falls into place, and then the movable rod coordinates the movement; the two clamping camshafts on the slide table are moved laterally to enter or send the camshaft into or out of the inductor; The left spindle box of the machine tool is driven by hydraulic motor to rotate the camshaft. The speed can be adjusted stepless within a certain range. There is a copper plate earthing ring on the left side of the inductor. If the camshaft is not clamped on it, it will first touch the ground ring when moving laterally, generate a signal and stop the action.

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Quenching transformer is a medium-frequency transformer with variable turn ratio. The primary transformer is 10-22 turns, divided into 13 shifts and 6 turns. The sensors are in multi-turn series, with nine sensors located on a centerline, eight of which are heating cams. The inductor is double-turn, the clearance between the cam tip and the inner diameter of the effective ring is 4 ~ 5 mm, and the base of the inductor has an elliptical hole, so that the inductor can be adjusted relative to the axial position of the cam. Camshaft inductors are connected in series to avoid the disadvantages of short intermediate conductive paths and long two-terminal conductive paths when there are multiple sensors in parallel. If the intermediate frequency quenching equipment adopts series inductor method, if the temperature of the intermediate cam is too high, it can also be adjusted by increasing the gap. Capacitor bank configuration, using three bottles of 300kvar thermoelectric container.

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