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Sucker rod quenching equipment

The automatic Sucker rod quenching furnace adopts a newly designed spray quenching water ring, which eliminates the phenomenon of original water spray blocking holes and greatly improves the stability of the workpiece during quenching. During the transmission process of the workpiece, it moves forward and rotates simultaneously to ensure the uniformity of workpiece heating and quenching cooling. The remote control cabinet can be customized and produced according to customer requirements, using PLC+touch screen control mode. Realize functions such as automatic flipping, variable frequency speed regulation, automatic feeding, automatic heating, automatic unloading, temperature detection, automatic adjustment of power supply power and parameter storage.

Performance characteristics of PLC controlled Sucker rod heat treatment furnace:

1. The heating efficiency of the sucker rod quenching furnace is high. Compared with traditional heating methods, it effectively reduces energy consumption, has high labor productivity, is pollution-free, and meets environmental requirements.

2. The unique inverter technology of induction heating equipment, designed with a load duration of over 99%, operates 24 hours under high power, ensuring high reliability.

3. The automatic sucker rod quenching furnace occupies a small area, is easy to operate, and can be learned in a few minutes.

4. Convenient adjustment of output power, fast reaction speed, accurate control, and optional heating conditions.

5. PLC controlled sucker rod quenching equipment can also quickly heat secondary deformation workpieces at any time to meet process requirements.

6. The Oil sucker rod heat treatment equipment has no noise or dust, is very environmentally friendly, and meets national policy requirements.

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