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Supply the good quality sucker rod heat treatment equipment

Supply the good quality sucker rod heat treatment equipment 

YuanTuo furnace company specialized in researching and manufacturing of induction heat treatment equipment and related sucker rod heat treatment equipment.Our company was established in 1999 and own the rich experience in the induction heating field.

The features and advantages of the sucker rod heat treatment equipment:

1.Small size, light weight, operating and installation easily and safely

2.High efficiency, energy saving is very obvious.High-frequency equipment save 40% energy than traditional heating method.

3.Reliable, non-million-volt high-pressure, safe for the operator.

4.Environment friendly, clean, non-polluting process which will help protect the environment, improves working conditions for your            employees by eliminating smoke, waste heat, noxious emissions and loud noise.

5.Different frequency can meet the different parts size .

6.Working continuously with 100% duty cycle, power supply can be instantly turned on or shut off.

The sucker rod heat treatment equipment from our company has obvious advantages than other company’s products.After checking the above information, i believe that you will make a wise choice. More information about the sucker rod heat treatment equipment,please refer

Post time: 06-22-2016