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Supply the high quality Sucker Rod Heat Treatment Equipment

Supply the high quality Sucker Rod  Heat Treatment Equipment 

The sucker rod is a slender rod pumping unit also is a key component of wells.It is connected to the light rod and the next pump which play transmission role.The the quality of the sucker rod is very important.The sucker rod heat treatment is important process to increase the sucker rod quality.YuanTuo professionally supply the sucker rod heat treatment equipment for many years.

The main features of the Sucker Rod  Heat Treatment Equipment from Forever:

1.Good heat treatment effect.

Our heat treatment equipped the new generation induction heating system which can reduce more  oxide skin.

2.Environment friendly.

The induction heat treatment don’t release the smoke and other harmful gas then don’t pollute the environment.

3.Saving energy and reduce the production cost.

Compared with other induction heating equipment,our equipment has the obvious energy saving.

4.Good service.

YuanTuo built the strong service team to provide you the no worries service for the induction heating equipment .

5.Strong technical support.

More than ten experienced  engineers consist our technical team which can provide you the professional technical support/

For more information about the sucker rod heat treatment equipment and other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with our company.




Post time: 08-01-2016