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Surface Heat treatment process of Local Induction heating of workpiece

metal surface heat treatment technology of workpiece local induction heating furnace is often used for surface quenching, local annealing or tempering, and sometimes for integral quenching and tempering. The basic principle puts the workpiece into the sensor (coil), when a certain frequency of alternating current is introduced into the sensor, the alternating magnetic field occurs around. The electromagnetic induction effect of alternating magnetic field makes the closed induced current flow occur in the workpiece. The dispersion of induced current on the cross section of the workpiece is very uneven, the current density of the surface layer of the workpiece is very high, and gradually decreases inward. This appearance is called skin effect. The electric energy of high density current on the surface of the workpiece is transformed into heat energy, which increases the temperature of the surface layer, that is to say, the surface heating is completed.

The edge of the steel plate is placed in the air gap of the magnetic loop, the magnetic line goes straight through the edge of the steel plate, the induction current occurs in the steel plate, and the edge part of the steel plate is heated. The temperature at the edge of the steel plate is higher and gradually decreases to the inside. The experimental results show that when the edge of the steel plate is heated to about 730.C, the hardness decreases to about 22RC, the dispersion curve of hardness corresponds to the heating temperature curve, the marginal temperature is higher, the marginal hardness is lower, and the hardness increases from marginal to inward. We can fully meet the needs of machining.

The power frequency induction heating furnace tempers the steel plate in the furnace after gas cutting, which heats the whole steel plate to the tempering temperature of about 680C, and after tempering, it is naturally cooled in the air, and a lot of heat is lost in the workshop, which increases the temperature of the workshop. The working conditions are very poor. The gas cutting edge of power frequency induction heating steel plate is selected, which not only saves heat energy, but also improves the working conditions of the workshop.


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