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Technical advantages of Induction heating equipment in production

Induction heating machine is a kind of heat treatment equipment for metal work-piece, which is mainly used to improve the quality of metal work-piece. At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of Induction electric furnace. There are almost no great differences in appearance and design principle, and there are no great technical differences, but there are still great differences in stability, heating accuracy and failure rate in use, which is based on the differences in the use of materials, manufacturing technology, details and assembly in production.

It is not the purpose of the induction heating equipment to sell to the customer, so that the real benefit of the customer is that the high-quality equipment is never sacrificed to the customer’s benefit in order to reduce the cost, and we always insist on delivering high-quality equipment to the customer, Let the customer make more use of our induction heating equipment is the constant pursuit of the long-distance machine. In order to achieve this goal, in the production of medium-frequency heating equipment, the manufacturing process, on the details and in the assembly, has been improving on the use of materials. All the materials used on the high-pressure electro-mechanical metal heat treatment furnace are of high standard in the same industry. In the process of processing, all the components are produced by the technical workers engaged in many years, so as to ensure the high precision and high degree of cooperation of the whole machine. in that premise of ensuring the quality of the induction heating equipment, the factory of the high-pressure electro-mechanical medium-frequency heating equipment can provide the corresponding solution for the customers according to the shape, the length, the width, the thickness and the process requirements and the production yield of the customer, The far-infrared thermometer, cooling tower and so on can bring more benefits to the customers. to make a difference.

The choice of induction heating equipment is to select Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical intermediate frequency heating equipment manufacturers, engaged in this field for more than 10 years, has not forgotten the original ideal and ambition, honed forward, in order to provide better induction heating equipment. Welcome to visit the factory, professional and technical staff 1 to 1 for you!

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