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Technical highlights of billet heating furnace

Billet induction heating furnace is a high cost-effective induction heating equipment developed by YUANTUO electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. for billet heating at home and abroad. The continuous casting Billet induction heating equipment is generally more suitable for high-power mass production. YUANTUO electric steel billet heating furnace has many advantages, such as durability, compression resistance, long life, intelligence, energy saving, environmental protection and easy operation. It has good effects on billet temperature supplement, temperature raising, hot rolling heating and secondary heating, which can be said to be the preferred equipment for billet heating manufacturers.


Product highlights of continuous casting billet heating furnace

1. Automatic PLC control system design, can automatically monitor the heating process, work more flexible, efficient and free;

2. Good overload protection system design, heating operation is safer, any parameter of the equipment is not up to standard, automatic alarm;

3. Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, heating is more efficient and time-saving, and the quality of the billet after heating is better and the deformation is smaller;

4. Energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, fine workmanship of various parts, fine material selection, more robust, durable, less fault, reduce operating costs, prolong the life of the whole machine.

2、 Field application of billet heating furnace

1. A billet heating user in Hebei

Customer feedback: we have cooperated with Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. for a long time, the effect of the purchased continuous casting billet heating furnace is really good. The manufacturer arranges the transportation, installation, on-site debugging, operation guidance and other services of the equipment throughout the process, and regularly arranges the staff to carry out the inspection and maintenance of the equipment, so as to maintain the efficient and high-yield operation of the equipment, which saves us a lot of worry It brings a lot of economic profits.

2. A billet heating user in Hubei

Customer feedback: the billet heating furnace used in the past often breaks down, after all, the product performance qualification rate is low, our production cost is high, but the use of YUANTUO electric continuous casting Billet induction heating equipment is really effective, the heating speed of billet heating furnace is fast, the product performance can be better, and the production is fully up to standard, the work also effectively overcomes the pollution of dust and noise, and the operation is more convenient and more convenient Flexible, very easy to use. 3、 What is the price of continuous casting billet heating furnace

What is the price of billet heating furnace? How much is it? Each manufacturer has a different definition of price, which inevitably leads to market price differences. However, it can be determined that Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical induction heating equipment manufacturer’s continuous casting Billet induction heating furnace price is more economical and affordable, workmanship is also more ingenious, better quality, it is worth the user to purchase, detailed quotation, welcome to inquire about!




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