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Technical innovation of induction heating equipment enterprises

The main function of Induction heating machine is to make the heat treatment production more efficient and automatic in the continuous production of heat treatment. With the continuous improvement of induction heating equipment technology and performance, induction heating equipment is more and more widely used. Now it is not only used in combination, but also can be used in all aspects of the manufacturing industry.

In order to survive and develop induction heating equipment enterprises must break through the market bottleneck with technological innovation and win the living space. The concrete implementation needs to do two points well: first, strengthen the market publicity, participate in the international exhibition more, let the induction heating equipment take the international development road, in order to expand the sales volume and the market.

Second, take the road of scientific and technological innovation, increase technological research and development, improve the feeding accuracy, stability, working efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of induction heating equipment, and constantly improve the traditional induction heating equipment model, so that it can make a qualitative leap. In the technology to achieve unique, with high quality, high practicability, to seize the new market.

In order to break through the bottleneck in the market and promote the steady growth of sales volume, Hebei Hengyuan heat treatment production line manufacturers pay close attention to technological innovation and international market expansion, and continue to increase the investment in technical research and development of induction heating equipment. While developing more induction heating equipment that is more suitable for the current situation of the domestic heat treatment industry, we should pay close attention to the expansion of foreign new heat treatment markets and set up sales service outlets in 12 countries and regions around the world. The brand of Hengyuan induction heating equipment is not only famous in China, but also famous all over the world.

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Post time: 05-30-2019