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Technical parameters and price of metal induction heating equipment

High quality metal Induction heating machine choose Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., induction heating equipment has high production capacity, perfect configuration, energy saving and environmental protection, is currently commonly used metal processing induction equipment, the following introduction of metal induction heating equipment technical parameters and quotations have attracted the attention of users.

I. Technical parameters of metal induction heating equipment:

1. The power supply system adopts a double-rectification twelve-pulse or twenty-four pulse induction heating power supply control system.

2. Production efficiency of metal induction heating equipment,5 tons to 12 tons per hour

3. Each shaft of the feeding system is driven by an independent motor speed reducer, and the multi-axis drive and single frequency converter are arranged to control the multi-axis operation.

4. The conveying system of the metal induction heating equipment shall be made of 304 stainless steel, wear-resistant and long in service life. 5. The temperature closed-loop system of the metal induction heating equipment is composed of a closed-loop control system consisting of the American Rayon infrared thermometer and the German Siemens S7, and the power of the power supply is automatically adjusted according to the initial temperature and the feeding speed of the steel billet entering the inductor, so that the heating temperature is kept constant before the furnace is discharged.

6. The industrial personal computer system displays the current working parameters and status in real time, the blank parameter memory, the storage, the printing, the fault alarm, the power supply power drops automatically and keeps the constant temperature and other powerful functions.

7. The metal induction heating equipment shall provide a remote operation platform with a touch screen or an industrial personal computer system, a special-customized human-computer interface and a highly humanized operation indication according to the needs of the user.

Metal induction heating equipment quotation is affected by materials, technology, labor, sales and other costs, but also different because prices and labor costs are important factors of metal induction heating equipment quotation, but also by the impact of the manufacturer’s pricing model, the purchase of metal induction heating equipment, can not blindly pursue low prices, but also avoid the price to determine the quality.


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