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The advantages of YuanTuo furnace company’s steel ball production equipment

The advantages of YuanTuo furnace company’s steel ball production equipment

Our company  produce different types complete equipment which can produce many size  steel ball according to clients’ demand.The steel ball production equipment mainly consist of the skew rolling mill, induction heating furnace, steel ball hardening system and the feeding device.

The advantages and features of  our complete steel ball production equipment:

1. Main body is with good rigidity.

2. Adjustment  is easy.

3. Automatic feeding function, improve the material utilization. 

4. Easy to change the working place.

5. Production is compete automation, high production efficiency, large output.

6. Environment friendly, no pollution and saving energy.

Besides above, Forever furnace company’s steel balls automatic production line also has following functions:

Expecting the above, Forever furnace company’s steel ball production also own the following functions:

1.High efficiency, large output, automatic production, without manual production, less employers and human interference.

2.Stable quality, high hardness, good hardening ability after the induction heat treatment,steel ball from beginning to end will not deformation

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Post time: 06-22-2016