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The advantages of aluminum bar heating equipment

The advantages of aluminum bar heating equipment

The aluminum bar heating equipment is mainly used to heating all kind sizes of the aluminum bar before forging  to a certain temperature.YuanTuo furnace produced the customized aluminum bar heating equipment according your process requirement.

As a professional manufacture for the induction heating equipment,Forever furnace company’s aluminum bar heating equipment has the obvious advantages as following:

1.Wide frequency range from 1KHZ to 20KHZ, frequency can be designed to satisfy different size of the heated aluminum bars.

2.The aluminum bar heating equipment is small size and  easy  to install.

3..The aluminum bar heating equipment is suitable for continuous working.

4.The aluminum bar heating equipment can realize the power automatic adjustments.

5.No pollution and saving energy  to supply a better wokring conditions for workers.

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Post time: 06-28-2016