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The advantages of the induction heating equipment!

The Induction heating machine is different from the traditional metal heat treatment furnace. The induction heating equipment uses electric energy processing, the electric energy itself belongs to the environmental protection energy, the production will not produce the waste gas waste smoke and so on pollution material, the induction heating furnace body uses the seal design, has the good heat insulation and the heat preservation, the production will not cause the high temperature influence and so on, the induction heating equipment has many advantages than the traditional metal heat treatment furnace!

Compared with the traditional heating equipment, the induction heating equipment has the advantages of small volume, simple numerical control production, high mechanization and so on.

1, the medium frequency quenching equipment can process the workpiece as a whole or locally, the local heating consumption is lower, the energy saving is more energy saving, and the workpiece is not easy to deform.

2, the furnace body of the induction heating equipment is customized according to the size and shape of the user’s workpiece, and the furnace body of the corresponding scale, The user can process different sizes of workpiece, replace the furnace body easily, just connect the water and electricity joint.

3, the intermediate frequency heating equipment adopts PLC and touch screen for centralized control, numerical control, simple control, high degree of automation and mechanization of the whole set of equipment, realizing intelligent production, reducing manual operation.

4, medium frequency heating equipment adopts electric energy as processing energy, and environmental protection production is realized in the production process. Do not produce waste gas, waste smoke and other substances, service some requirements.

5, small investment, less failure, easy to operate, high efficiency and high yield is more favored.


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