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The advantages of the medium frequency induction heating furnace

The advantages of the medium frequency induction heating furnace

YuanTuo furnace company  has been built for 16 yeas. Our company own a lot of experience on producing induction heating furnace  and induction heat treating equipment .More and more buyers prefer to buy a good quality induction heating furnace to improve their production and saving the money at the same time. So do you know what’s the advantages of the induction heating furnace?

The advantages of the induction heating furnace with medium frequency technology are as follows:

  • suitable for mounting
  • suitable for dismounting
  • operating frequency from 10 kHz to 25 kHz
  • efficiency of the generator higher than 90%
  • low energy requirements
  • short heating times
  • control of heating according to time and temperature
  • automatic demagnetisation
  • flexible and fixed inductors available
  • suitable for use either inside or outside component
  • lower mains connection power than heating devices with mains frequency
  • almost silent

Above  mentioned are the obvious benefits of the induction heating furnace.More information,please refer

Post time: 06-09-2016