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The development and advantages of induction heating equipment!

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, a series of slab heating furnaces, such as Induction heating machine, have been gradually integrated into the development of enterprises, and metal surface heat treatment has become the key promotion object of many enterprises. Induction heating equipment can be described as a real multi-purpose product, which can be used for quenching, annealing, conditioning and other processes. At present, induction heating equipment has been in mining machinery, automobile manufacturing, petroleum machinery. Railway transportation and other industries have applications.

The emergence of slab heating furnace which adopts induction heating technology as the main factor in the development of slab heating furnace market demand makes many heat treatment processing enterprises see hope, because the specification of workpiece is different, the manufacturer of induction heating equipment can make the corresponding specification furnace body for the user according to the user’s demand, in order to meet the workpiece processing of different sizes, at the same time, the furnace body adopts the integrated hoisting structure design to facilitate the user to replace the furnace body. Only need to connect the water and electricity joint to work, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. The performance advantages of slab heating furnace are as follows:

1, compared with traditional heating equipment, such as flame furnace, the volume of induction heating equipment is less than 1 / 2, and the mechatronics structure design is adopted, the overall structure is compact and reasonable, the occupation area is small, and the capital construction cost is saved for users.

2, induction heating slab heating furnace is different from the conduction and transfer heating mode of traditional heating equipment, electromagnetic heating, heating object is its own heating, The heat loss of the heating process is almost zero, and the heat utilization ratio can reach more than 95%.

3, it has complete protection such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, etc., to ensure that any failure does not damage the equipment components.

4, the intermediate frequency heating equipment is equipped with a stable and reliable temperature closed control system, real-time collection, recording, stored procedure control data and the corresponding classified retrieval, query, printing function.

5, Customizable man-machine interface, with highly humanized operation instructions, convenient and simple system control, high degree of automation, all-digital, high depth adjustable parameters, the user’s control of the equipment is easier to use. Yuantu Mechanical and Electrical Machinery is a domestic professional R & D and production of induction heating equipment manufacturers, more than 2000 sets of induction heating production lines, rich experience and many cases, welcome your interested friends to inquire!


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