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The heating efficiency of the steel tube induction heating furnace is beyond your imagination.

It is said that the heating efficiency of Pipe induction hardening equipment is high. Do you know how induction heating equipment produces heat energy heating? The following is the heating principle of induction heating furnace.

The principle of electromagnetic induction heating in steel pipe induction heating furnace is that the alternating current generated by induction heating power supply produces alternating magnetic field through inductor (that is, coil), and the magnetic object is placed in it to cut alternating magnetic force line, thus producing alternating current (swirl) in the body. Eddy current makes the atoms inside the object move at high speed and irregularly, atoms collide with each other and friction to produce heat energy, which plays the effect of heating steel pipe. That is to say, by converting electric energy into magnetic energy, the heated steel pipe is heated by induction of magnetic energy, which fundamentally solves the problem of low efficiency of electric heating sheet, electric heat ring and other resistance heating by heat conduction mode.

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Post time: 06-24-2019