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The induction heating equipment for steel bar quenching is good, the price is cost-effective!

It is a kind of high-quality metal raw material with good strength, hardness and wear resistance. It is widely used in mining machinery, building materials, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and the quality requirements of metal steel are higher in the current market. And is now in a severe form of environmental protection. In the current market, the Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace is used for processing, and the performance characteristics and price of the induction heating equipment are described below.

Why the effect of induction heating equipment bar drop? For the topic: “steel rod quenching with induction heating equipment is good,” it is estimated that many people want to know why, induction heating equipment has what kind of strength to conquer the metal steel rod, next, we will find out. Induction heating equipment itself is characterized by high heating efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, and the use of medium frequency heating furnace is very wide, can be used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation and other fields, with a wide range of use, and according to the size of the metal steel rod processing, can replace the furnace body of the corresponding specifications for heating, wide range of use, and the whole fuselage is high quality steel, the service life is longer than the general equipment.

How to say the price of induction heating equipment? For those who know the intermediate frequency heating equipment, it is a kind of equipment with high performance-price ratio and affordable price in the metal heat treatment furnace. The reason why it is used in various heat treatment manufacturers is also because of its preferential price. In addition, it adopts the electromagnetic principle heating, production efficiency, and it is simple to maintain, to a certain extent, save operating costs and improve the efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, induction heating equipment for steel bar heat treatment is more cost-effective.

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