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The main features of the Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment

The main features of the Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment 

YuanTuo furnace company’s induction heating equipment  can perform various heat treating applications, such as steel har heat treating,steel pipe heat treating and aluminum bar heat treating . We supply the aluminum bar heat treatment  equipment to a variety of aluminum bars, no matter the size and shapes.

The main features of the Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment:

1)Higher reliability and lower maintenance cost.

2) High efficient: energy saving,environmental protection.

3) Heating fast:The fastest heating speed is less than 1 second.

4) Heat treating wide range : can heat treating  variety of aluminum bars(according to different shapes  and sizes of work pieces, replace                    removable induction coils) .

5) Easy installation,our company’s worker will install the equipment to your workshop.

6)Using imported power devices, modular design to ensure the reliability and easy maintainability of equipment;

7)Provide protection in lack of phase, low water, over-current (AC/DC), overheating, over voltage to make the equipment more safety.

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Post time: 07-04-2016