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The maintenance essentials of the induction heating furnace

                                 The maintenance essentials of the induction heating furnace


 Induction heating furnace apply more widely than before, in the usual course, how to pay attention to the induction heating furnace to maintain ?

Induction furnace maintenance essentials:

1.Remove dust of the power supply cabinet regularly, especially SCR die outside, use ethanol erased clean. The operation of the inverter device generally has a dedicated room, but the actual work in the background is not ideal.For the forging process, dust is very large and violent shocks. So be sure to pay attention to cleaning frequently to avoid failure.

2.Regular inspection pipe fittings tie knot is solid.

3.Regular cleaning or replace the key device of the IF furnace,induction preheating furnace and the related facilities.

4.Regularly inspect repair purposes means of fastening screws and contactor device for each device you want to continue the contacts regularly seizing purposes, if revealed loose or poor contact phenomenon, should be repaired as early as possible, can not be forced to use makeshift avoid motivate a major accident.

5.Regular inspection load wiring whether satisfactory, insulation is reliable. Diathermy store up oxygen sensing circle of skin as early as possible to thoroughly organize; insulation lining cracks as early as possible with the change; furnace lining in the furnace after the update, you should pay attention to regular checks.

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Post time: 05-30-2016