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The maintenance of the heat treatment line of steel pipe needs to be persevered.

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After the steel tube heat treatment furnace is put into operation, its maintenance is more important. Timely maintenance can prevent accidents and make the equipment more efficient.

Regular cleaning of components in intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, especially high voltage devices, such as vacuum tubes,

1.high voltage ceramic panels and slot capacitors.

2. Check frequently moving components, such as contact closure and separation, wiring loosening.

3. Check water cooling system for leakage and blockage, vacuum tube return water temperature exceeds the allowable value.

4. Check that each safety switch is reliable.

5. The ambient temperature of steel pipe heat treatment line should be kept at 20? 25 ℃.

It is very important to maintain the heat treatment line of steel pipe, which can effectively improve the service life of the equipment.

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Post time: 04-23-2019