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The performance of induction heating equipment is superior, look at these three key technologies!

Yuantuo electromechanical is a large Induction heating machine manufacturer in the north of China, engaged in induction heating furnace and heat treatment industry for more than 10 years, with rich production experience and many successful cases, Yuantuo electromechanical induction heating equipment numerical control operation mode, production energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, low carbon and other advantages, so far extension electromechanical induction heating equipment has been well received by users!

Induction heating equipment: induction heating equipment is manufactured by Yuantuo Electromechanical Specialty. The metal work-piece is heat treated by electromagnetic induction principle, which is equipped with IGBT air-cooled power supply, and the energy saving effect is excellent, which can realize energy saving and environmental protection, and low carbon production. The intermediate frequency heating furnace is mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, automatic feeding, blanking mechanism, stainless steel transportation system, induction heating furnace module and central control system. Induction heating equipment adopts mechatronics structure design, compact as a whole, does not occupy much space, and is convenient for users to plan space reasonably.

The three key technologies of induction heating equipment: induction heating equipment process control, modular device, free production, are the current high efficiency equipment for dealing with metal workpieces.

1, energy saving and environmental protection, green and low carbon: intermediate frequency heating furnace is different from other mechanical equipment, induction heating equipment uses inductor to heat treatment directly through contactless way, the production process is not easy to produce waste gas, waste smoke, noise and so on.

2,Automatic operation technology: the whole set of induction heating furnace realizes automatic operation, saves labor cost, merges digital control technology, realizes one key start, compared with traditional metal heat treatment furnace, the operation is more convenient, PLC system can grasp the operation data of induction heating equipment in time.

3, precision temperature closed loop control system: induction heating equipment configuration efficient and accurate temperature closed loop control system, Monitor the heating temperature of the workpiece in real time to ensure that the quality of the workpiece meets the requirements of the user.

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