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The price of the induction tempering furnace

                                    The price of the induction tempering furnace
Generally speaking,before you decide to buy the induction tempering furnace for your company, the price is a important point which you concerned.Forever furnace company  the large manufacturer of induction tempering furnace in China.Our company have a lot of experience on induction heating field. The products from our company have been welcomed by the customers from home and abroad.
But about the price of the induction tempering furnace,we have to say that there is no specific price.Because our induction tempering furnace is non-standard product.Every?induction tempering furnace from our factory is specially designed as per user’s specific process requirement.So when you want to get the price,please tell me your specific requirement then our company will design the furnace for you and give you a good price.
Please feel free to contact with us to get more information about the induction tempering furnace.Our website or email our email box .

Post time: 04-28-2016