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The production characteristics of the medium-frequency induction heating equipment!

Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace is a kind of equipment which uses electric energy as energy to process metal workpieces. At present, it is a hot product in heat treatment equipment, which produces energy saving, environmental protection, excellent production, high efficiency, intelligence and so on. It is favored by users and manufacturers. At present, it is widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation and other fields, so how much is the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment?

First, the production characteristics of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment

1. The traditional metal heat treatment furnace occupies a large space, which affects the plan and space plan of customer occasions, while the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment realizes the compact structure of power supply, inductor, material rack and so on. Can make the customer factory space get the effective use.

2, the scope of application is wide, the inductor can design multiple sets of induction heaters according to the actual needs of the user, just need to replace and install the sensor according to the specification of the workpiece. And the corresponding program number can be selected. 3, the induction heating furnace is operated by PLC automatic control system, which has a clear and friendly operation interface, and all kinds of operations are clear at a glance.

4, equipped with IGBT new power supply, with angle adjustment adaptive function, replacement of heating sensor can work without adjustment, and can run in good condition automatically.

Second, the working principle of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is that the medium frequency heating furnace is heated by electromagnetic action, and the vortex current is generated in the workpiece through the inductor, and the heat is generated directly from the metal workpiece. This heating method has high heating efficiency. Because the heat is produced from the workpiece, the heat loss is less, the heating efficiency is as high as 95%, and the energy saving is about 20% higher than that of the high frequency equipment of the electron tube at the same power.

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