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the professional engineer tells you that the induction heating device thus preferably

Invest in a set of induction heating equipment   at least tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, tell you, induction heating equipment should be how to choose correctly, this is a lot of induction heating equipment and heat treatment users are very confused about the problem, basically is to say their own requirements, induction heating equipment manufacturers will be according to your requirements to select for you, better service will do some experiments for you according to the work-piece you said. Let you see the effect. This is also very good. Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, stable product performance, energy saving and environmental protection, adapt to tbillet heating equipmenthe era of induction heating equipment technical products, in the market what induction heating equipment users welcome!

billet heating equipment

In fact, induction heating equipment can be divided into medium frequency, high frequency, super audio, ultra high frequency, dual frequency and so on. The commonly used induction heating equipment is intermediate frequency high frequency super audio. These induction heating equipment can carry on different degrees of diathermy forging, welding, quenching, tempering, annealing and so on.

Main uses of induction heating equipment: quenching application field:

1. Quenching treatment of steel rod, steel pipe, steel bar, threaded steel, stainless steel, seamless pipe and so on. Quenching of various gears, sprockets and shafts.

2. Quenching heat treatment of machine tool bed guide rail in machine tool industry.

3, hardware tools, wrenches, automobile front axle and other work-piece quenching.

Field of application of welding:

1. Welding of various gold-steel-stone composite sheet drill bits.

2. Welding of various hard alloy bits and saw blades.

3. Welding of various cutting pick, hammer head, drill rod, coal drill, wind bit and other mine accessories.

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