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The real induction heating equipment after-sales service is like this!

In the use of the Steel billet induction heating  , it is inevitable to generate a fault, most of the manufacturers will solve the site maintenance as the end of the service, and will not be able to communicate with the operation and maintenance personnel on the customer site, and the solution will be solved in this way. However, the customer is not allowed to operate, the maintenance personnel are really clear and understand, and the occurrence of the failure can not be truly avoided.


Different from other Induction heating machine manufacturers, different from other induction heating equipment manufacturers, the after-sale personnel of Yuantuo Electromechanical Induction heating equipment Factory will take the initiative to communicate with the customer now, and the maintenance staff will communicate with the customer to explain the cause of the fault. At the same time, the use and maintenance of intermediate frequency heating equipment have been checked in detail to understand the difficult problems encountered in the process of customer use and maintenance. Give guidance to customer production, and organize customer site operation after communication, maintenance personnel to carry out targeted re-training. The after-sale staff of Yuantuo Electromechanical Induction heating equipment Factory found that many customers had problems with the production equipment, most of which were caused by improper operation and maintenance, especially by improper operation, and the common ones were improper operation of slab heating furnace by employees. Improper operation and maintenance is a taboo for production efficiency, safety and service life of the equipment.

Therefore, after the actual repair is completed, the after-sale personnel of Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Intermediate Frequency heating equipment Factory will also carry out targeted operation and re-training, explain in detail the correct operation method of induction heating equipment, and pay special attention to the use, at the same time, it will also put forward guiding opinions on the daily maintenance of slab heating furnace, explaining the daily maintenance, monthly maintenance and annual maintenance of the equipment. And assist customers to make maintenance schedule, it is precisely to improve the quality of service so that Yuantuo mechatronic slab heating furnace factory after-sale personnel won a wide range of praise.

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