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The reason why the induction heating equipment saves electricity is this!

There are many kinds of heating equipment for metal heating. The Induction heating machine based on induction heating will save more electricity than other heating equipment. With the rapid development of modern economy and the rapid progress of industrialization, Can induction heating equipment keep up with the pace of modern economic development and meet the requirements of users for high efficiency and energy saving? Hebei Yuantuo specializes in producing induction heating equipment for more than 20 years, and its experience is rich. Induction heating equipment sold well all over the country, deeply trusted by users!

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Reasons for saving electricity in induction heating equipment:

induction heating equipment is a series of heating and heat treatment requirements for metal workpieces based on the principle of induction heating, induction heating equipment, medium frequency quenching equipment manufactured by remote electromechanical production, medium frequency quenching equipment, The production line of quenched and tempered heat treatment adopts special water-cooled induction heating coil, which is upgraded on the basis of common induction coil. The induction coil of traditional induction heating equipment is made of ordinary galvanized pipe plus a layer of insulation material. Compared with the outer re-wrapped coil, the heat outside of the induction heat treatment equipment is not absorbed by water, resulting in the loss of heat and waste of heat, and the decrease of heat conversion rate. In order to solve this loophole in induction heat treatment, and also to adapt to the modern production mode, the new electromagnetic induction heating equipment developed by Yuantuo is a non-contact continuous heating mode. The heat conversion efficiency is greatly improved, up to 99%. At present, this new type of induction heating equipment is widely used in all kinds of induction heating equipment of metal workpieces, medium frequency diathermy forging equipment, quenched and tempered heat treatment equipment, induction heating quenching equipment, and has been widely used in various metal workpiece induction heating equipment, medium frequency diathermy forging equipment, quenching and tempering equipment.


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