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The sensor is the main part of the steel bar quenching equipment

The friends who know induction heating should know that the work-piece quenching of Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace lies in the design of the sensor quenching, so the sensor is the final output of the whole set of equipment, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the sensor, which is related to the production efficiency and product quality, and the service life of the sensor, so maintenance and maintenance is very important. In order to make more friends understand more clearly, Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has summarized some specific contents about maintenance.

1. Maintenance Rules:

Regular descaling: steel bar quenching equipment sensor after the first use of 10 months, descaling once, after every 6 months descaling.

Regularly polish the contact surface: the contact surface of the sensor and transformer is not in good contact due to long-term use.

2, daily use details: each installation, remove the sensor should be gently put. Check sensor nozzle blockage and contact oil and dirt before installation. Before each continuous heating work, spray water manually, wait for the quenching solution to spray normally, switch automatically.

If the work-piece and the sensor collide with the ignition during the heating process, the heating shall be stopped and the cause of the inspection shall be checked. After the sensor is removed, dry the sensor, remove the oil stain or water stain in the quenching liquid, and slow down the oxidation and corrosion. The removed sensor should be properly placed to prevent excessive deformation.

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