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The Use of Billet Heating Electric Furnaces

Billet heating electric furnace is a common equipment used in steel rolling plants to heat billets such as square billets, slabs, round billets, tube billets, and continuous casting billets. It is used to heat the billets to an appropriate temperature for subsequent heat treatment or processing processes. Its main uses are as follows:

Main purpose:

1. Forging and forming: In the hot working process of steel, the electric furnace for heating steel billets also plays an important role. By heating the steel billet to an appropriate temperature, it becomes malleable, making it convenient for forming processes such as forging, rolling, and extrusion.

2. Welding heat source: In some welding processes, local heating of the steel is required to achieve fusion of the weld seam. The billet heating electric furnace can serve as an effective welding heat source, providing the required heating temperature.

The billet heating electric furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, uniform heating, and good temperature controllability, and is widely used in production processes in industries such as steel metallurgy, mechanical manufacturing, aerospace, and energy.

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