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Thread steel hardening and tempering induction equipment

Deformed bar hardening tempering furnace , 1.8 tons/hour, this set of equipment is specifically designed for heat treatment of high-strength precision rolled threaded steel bars. The purpose is to enhance the mechanical properties such as tensile strength and yield strength of threaded steel, and extend its service life.

This device is suitable for threaded steel materials with a diameter of 32-40mm and a length of 12 meters.

Through IGBT heating technology for quenching and tempering treatment, the equipment is equipped with a medium frequency heating power supply with quenching power of IGBT 760 kW and tempering power of IGBT 450 kW, ensuring the high efficiency and uniformity of the heat treatment process. Its temperature control system can accurately control the temperature during quenching and tempering processes, ensuring the quenching and tempering effect of threaded steel.

The Thread bar heat treatment machine can process 1.8 tons of threaded steel per hour. The threaded steel quenching and tempering furnace can process 1.8 tons of threaded steel per hour, not only meeting the needs of large-scale production, but also greatly improving production efficiency. The equipment has a sturdy and durable structure, suitable for long-term continuous work, ensuring the stability and reliability of production. In addition, it can be customized according to the actual needs of users and flexibly adapt to various production environments.

Therefore, it has been widely used in the field of infrastructure construction such as buildings, bridges, and roads, specifically for the production of high-strength and high toughness threaded steel products. If you need to learn more about Thread bar induction heat treatment machine details or customized solutions, please contact us.

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