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Three processes of realizing heating in Induction heating Furnace

The heating of charge by Induction heating machine can be decomposed into the following three processes:


1. The induction current produced in the induction heating charge can overcome the resistance of the charge and convert the electric energy into heat energy to realize the heating of the metal charge or molten steel.

2. When the alternating frequency current passes through the induction coil, the alternating magnetic field synchronously with the current occurs in and around the online coil. The magnetic line of the alternating magnetic field passes through the burden and is cut. The strength of the magnetic field depends on the current intensity, frequency, coil turn number and geometric size through the induction coil.

3. Part of the magnetic line in the magnetic field passes through the metal burden in the crucible and is cut. As a result, induction current is generated in the circuit composed of charge.

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