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Tube heat treatment furnace

Introduction of tube heat treatment furnace

The tube heat treatment furnace is a kind of equipment used in the metal heating and treatment plant for the quenching and tempering treatment of steel pipes, seamless pipes, thick wall pipes and other metal pipes. Steel tube heat treatment furnace has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, no crack, no deformation, no straightening, etc. it is widely used in oil mines and other fields!


Strength of pipe heat treatment furnace manufacturer

YUANTUO pipe heat treatment furnace factory is an enterprise specializing in metal heat treatment equipment. It has many years of rich production experience and introduces domestic and foreign technical talents, forge ahead and develop vigorously along the way. Over the years, we spare no effort to combine with the market demand and absorb foreign innovative heat treatment technology. The manufacturer has strong strength. Welcome users to visit our factory at any time.

Performance characteristics of tube heat treatment furnace

1) Rapid heating, reduce the surface oxide layer and workpiece deformation.

2) Compared with other heating methods, the heat efficiency is 95%, and the energy consumption is low.

3) IGBT solid-state inverter technology, high-performance DSP processor, high reliability, low failure rate.

4) Simple installation, user can learn in a few minutes, easy to operate.

5) 100% load duration for 24 hours

6) It’s very convenient to change the furnace, because it’s a quick change type, and the user can finish it in 5 minutes.

Pipe heat treatment furnace price

When you purchase the tube heat treatment furnace, in addition to focusing on the performance and quality of the equipment itself, its price is undoubtedly the customer’s concern, especially for the equipment with more manufacturers on the market, you should be more careful to purchase, after all, the price of a device is not cheap.

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical factory has been focusing on metal heat treatment equipment for many years. The whole process of production, manufacturing and sales of each set of equipment is scientific and strict. Through the quality system certification, the specific equipment price can be obtained by calling our 24-hour service hotline!



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