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Use of electric induction heating equipment for steel billets

Forever is a steel billet electric induction heating equipment manufacturer specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering. Below, Forever will explain to you, does the steel billet induction heating furnace consume electricity? This is a concern for many users who want to choose sufficient steel heating equipment, as the amount of electricity consumed by the equipment is closely related to the temperature, size, and production efficiency of the heated workpiece.

The electric induction heating equipment for steel billets is mainly used for heating before cold rolling and for heating and compensating continuous casting steel billets. Due to the relatively high power of large-scale cold billet heating equipment, the required transformer capacity for power supply will be large, and the energy-saving effect is not significant. When used for billet heating, as only surface heating can meet the rolling requirements, the energy-saving effect is very obvious, so the billet induction heating furnace is mostly used for billet heating.

Due to the different temperatures raised, the power consumption per ton during billet heating generally ranges from 15 to 50 degrees Celsius

The entire steel billet heating furnace is mainly composed of a high-power fully digital variable frequency power supply, induction heating coil, variable frequency feeding system, and cooling circulation system.

Forever Steel Billet Electric Induction Heating Equipment adopts electromagnetic induction heating technology, infrared temperature measurement feedback, and remote intelligent control system. It has the characteristics of fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high temperature control, real-time monitoring of production conditions, and easy digital automatic operation. Hebei Forever Electromechanical has many years of professional engineers, and if you have equipment issues, you can consult for free!

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