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Want to heat treatment effect is good, use medium frequency quenching equipment!

Induction heating machine is mainly used for the process treatment of metal materials before heating, such as forging, shearing, rolling, extrusion, pipe bending, tempering, annealing, quenching, quenching and tempering, etc., the characteristics of Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment:

1. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated by eddy current in the heating furnace, which makes the workpiece reach the required temperature in a very short time, reduces the metal oxidation, not only saves the material but also improves the quality of the workpiece, the thermal efficiency is high, the oxide scale is less, especially for precision forging and workpiece heat treatment.

2, the smooth and stable semi-feeding mechanism and the automatic feeding mechanism, the continuous feeding of the workpiece can reduce the impact on the power supply, the stable change of current is small, and it can be controlled in closed loop with the composition temperature of the power supply, which ensures that the temperature of the heating workpiece is uniform, the head and tail are consistent, and the temperature difference between the surface of the workpiece and the core is small.

3. The interchangeability of intermediate frequency quenching equipment is good. According to the size of workpiece, different specifications of induction furnace should be equipped. In order to ensure that the furnace body can be replaced quickly, energy saving time, the equipment has upper and lower fast change joint and slot circuit exchange mechanism in the design of medium frequency heating furnace.

4. All kinds of induction quenching equipment are equipped with water temperature and water pressure alarm device, overcurrent, overvoltage, phase deficiency, undervoltage and other protection circuits. Even if the equipment fails, it will not damage the components of the equipment. The equipment has high safety, good stability, low failure rate and accurate process arrangement.

5. the domestic advanced all-digital intelligent intermediate frequency power supply is used in low energy consumption and pollution-free remote extension mechatronics at present. The heating efficiency is high, the power factor can reach more than 95%, there is no smoke and dust in the heating process, no pollution, good field environment, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.


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