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What are the advantages of heat treatment equipment?

In the current machinery manufacturing industry, the quality requirements for metal workpieces are getting higher and higher, so it needs to be processed by heat treatment to meet the standard of industrial materials, so the use of Induction heat treatment machine is also necessary, what is the main role of heat treatment equipment?

Process flow of induction heating equipment:

Artificial feeding roller conveying quenching heating spray quenching roller conveying tempering heating and heat preservation tempering cooling roller conveying chain cold bed collecting rack.

Performance advantages of induction heating equipment:

1.This metal heat treatment furnace is a non-standard custom product, manufacturers can customize the specifications of the furnace body according to the production needs of users, the furnace body adopts a fast-changing structure design, easy to replace, reduce production standby time, improve production efficiency.

2. Configure frequency conversion to drive production, achieve stepless regulation, users can adjust their own speed according to their own needs, the whole set of equipment controllable.

Adopt high-precision closed-loop temperature control system, temperature meter real-time monitoring, the system automatically adjust the power supply, to ensure that the metal workpiece heating temperature in accordance with the user’s process requirements.

The induction heating equipment uses electric heating, therefore in the processing process will not produce the waste gas smoke and the dust and so on pollution, realizes the environmental protection production.


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