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What are the advantages of sheet metal conditioning production line?

Unlike many domestic plate tempering production lines, the simple combination of power supply and induction coils is different. Hengyuan electromechanical manufacturers have been engaged in the R&D of  induction heating furnace for more than 10 years. The production has not only been updated in technology, and there are many customers’ use sites in China, and the performance and quality of our metal surface heat treatment has been the leader in China. Compared with other manufacturers, Hengyuan mechanical and electrical manufacturers have the following advantages:

1. The working stability, reliability and safety of sheet metal quenching and tempering production line are the guarantee of normal and stable work of forging and heat treatment production line of flow operation. This production line adopts three rolling straightening, quenching, medium frequency induction heating, workpiece running speed, heating temperature and heating efficiency can be controlled centrally by PLC, which can form closed loop control system and realize the recording, archiving, inquiry and printing of all production data.

2. The scope of application is wide and the degree of customization is high. We can provide customers with a variety of plate conditioning production line equipment, can be customized according to customer material properties, workpiece size and so on.

3. Modular control, operation and maintenance are very simple. Hengyuan sheet quenching and tempering production line is composed of feed frame, heating system, quenching system, tempering system, discharge frame, intermediate frequency power supply and PLC intelligent operating table. the equipment has complete fault display function, can quickly find the fault point, and the maintenance is very convenient.

In addition, it is worth mentioning, that is, the user is most concerned about the use of the site, with parts of the experiment and other related issues. Our equipment in China has nearly 2,000 sets, the use of the site all over the domestic reading yo provinces, specific with our property personnel to communicate and understand!

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