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What are the commonly used surface heat treatment processes?

What is surface heat treatment? A metal surface heat treatment process that changes the mechanical properties of the surface by heating and cooling the surface of steel. Surface quenching is the main content of surface heat treatment, the purpose of which is to obtain high hardness surface layer and favorable internal stress distribution, so as to improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of workpieces.

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The commonly used surface heat treatment techniques include induction heating and flame quenching, in addition, contact resistance quenching, electrolytic heating quenching, laser heat treatment and electron beam heat treatment, etc. Surface heat treatment is widely used not only for high wear resistance, fatigue strength and high impact load, but also for parts with good plasticity and toughness, such as crankshaft, camshaft, transmission gear and so on. Surface heat treatment can be divided into two categories: surface quenching and chemical heat treatment.

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